An EZ curl bar offers new ways of gripping your barbell, allowing you to target different muscle groups. With it, you can work your biceps, triceps, deltoids, and abs. Depending on what exercises you perform, you can also target your legs and glutes.

This curl bar is designed to help you perform curls. You can do spider curls, skull crushers, and preacher curls. You can also perform rows, presses, and extensions. In no time, you’ll attain the fit and lean physique you’ve been steadily working toward.

– Ergonomic hand position
– Diamond knurled handgrips
– Rotating sleeves
– Holds Olympic sized weights
– Maximizes both comfort and safety

– Length: 47 1/8″
– Knurled hand grips: 7 1/2″
– Weight Space: 6 1/2″
– Weight Size: 2″ centre opening
– Capacity: 300 lb
– Weight: 10 kg

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